Preventing Frozen Locks and Doors

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Is there any way to prevent frozen locks in the dead of winter?

Preventing Frozen Locks and Doors

No amount of car maintenance can completely protect your car from the elements. If you've ever had your car locks freeze in the dead of winter, here's a simple solution:
Take a ½ inch stiff bristle brush and rub petroleum jelly into the joints of hood hinges, doors, and trunk and door latch strikers and receptors. This will prevent freezing even in the most severe weather.

*You can also rub plain old cooking oil on the rubber weather stripping around windows and the contact bumpers around the doors and trunk to prevent doors and trunk lids from sticking in cold weather.



2/13/2007 2:58:12 PM
Brad said:

Ya know, after reading that I had heard of the veggie oil before, but the vaseline was new. Do ya think it would be better to use Vick's in the winter.


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