Online Car Buying Resources

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What online car buying resources are available?

Online Car Buying Resources

Why leave your home? There are so many online resources available to today's consumers that buying a new car can be done almost entirely from home. Instead of wandering car lot after car lot, narrow your choices down by researching your options online. You can:

• Build your car online, carefully considering options in the comfort of your own home instead of succumbing to last-minute, high-pressure sales tactics at the dealership

• Crunch the numbers by researching transaction values (what buyers are paying for the car in your area), or what calls "true market value"

• You can request car quotes from multiple dealers online (doing so puts you in a much better negotiating position)

*If you're comfortable with online transactions, you can complete the transaction online conducting dealer communication by e-mail and having the car delivered to your doorstep. In this case, paperwork would be completed by mail.



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