A Trade-In To-Do-List

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Are there any tips to buying a new car and selling my trade-in for a good price?

A Trade-In To-Do-List

For the consumer with plans to trade in their vehicle, the negotiating process is a little more intricate. All moves should be synchronized according to the findings of one's new car research. Use the following tips to streamline your trade in:

1) Create a dream list of three models that are conducive to your budget.

2) Be sure to include any special car features

3) Next research the cost and any associated customer incentives offered on your models of choice

4) Visit the National Auto Dealers Association Website at www.nada.org or the Kelley Blue Book at www.kbb.com to research your vehicle's current fair-market trade-in value

5) Shop your car around with a few local car dealerships to and inquire how much the dealer will pay for your vehicle from an outright sale. (If dealers are not interesting in your car, expect the trade in price to be low)

6) Make competing dealers vie for your business by making them aware that you are shopping around. Obtain all quotes in writing

7) Show no emotion and do not let the car salesmen tempt you with an expensive cars or features

8) To avoid an inflated price of your new car, do not acknowledge the trade in until the salesperson has confirmed the cost the new car.

9) Do not give the salesperson the keys to your trade-in until the salesperson has met your objectives; otherwise you could be subjected to being held hostage until the salesperson pressures you into signing a sales contract.

Do not forget to test drive the new car.



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