Car Reviews in Print

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What are the best sources for online car reviews?

Car Reviews in Print

There are tons of sources for used car reviews available online, at the library, as well as at your local bookstore. J.D. Power & Associates' consumer Web site is one example that is online.

J.D. Power & Associates is a global marketing information firm that conducts independent consumer satisfaction surveys of car owners (as well as other consumer products). For example, if you are considering buying a used Nissan Altima, you can enter that information on the site and you can review, for free, the results of J.D. Power & Associates' consumer satisfaction survey of Nissan Altimas for several years' models.

While many car reviews include technical details, the J.D. Powers & Associates site is one of the few where you can find actual customer satisfaction surveys based on real customers' life experiences with their own cars.

*The site also has an interactive tool called the New Car Advisor in which you set parameters for what type of features you prefer in a vehicle and the tool returns a list of the best matches for you to consider.



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