A Tool to Prevent a Poor Choice

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How can a car history report help me?

A Tool to Prevent a Poor Choice

The online services from which you can purchase a used car history provide a valuable line of defense against a deal going sour. No longer are used car buyers at the mercy of dishonest dealers or less than forthcoming private sellers. Not only do car histories prevent buyers from buying lemons, they put a buyer in a better negotiating position.

Let's say you are considering buying a Honda Civic for your soon-to-be high school grad to use to commute to school. The car looks sound and drives well, but the car history report indicates it was in an accident the year before. You can use this information to negotiate a lower price with the seller or you can walk away from the deal.

*Be careful, a seller who doesn't disclose that a car has been involved in an accident may be keeping other important information from you as well.



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