Impact of Depreciation

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How does depreciation affect my car purchase?

Impact of Depreciation

It's no coincidence that when you are shopping the used car market, the most popular used cars are those that hold their value well (a car is said to hold its trade in value when it does not depreciate as significantly as compared to other new car models bringing a higher price in the used car market).

The Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry cars said to hold value exceptionally well because these cars are known to be ultra-reliable and easy and affordable to maintain. They are very sought after by used car buyers.



11/9/2008 3:51:58 PM
Janet Gray said:

Just wondering if you truly believe that when a dealer says this car is "certified" that it really means anything. I think it's just a bunch of bunk. I am beginning to think that Edmunds, Kelley, and the other things one can obtain regarding price, incentives, etc. is all in favor of the dealers. I was glad to find your site. What is the best place to truly find out what a decent price is for a new or used car?


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