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Best Online Car Selector Tool

If you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare and are ready to use a truly cool online new car selector tool, visit The site includes product selector tools for various consumer products, including cars, digital cameras, PDAs, and smartphones. The car selector tool is, without question, the most exhaustive, most fun, and most informative car selector tool on the Web.

Totally user-friendly, the tool walks you through every step of the process and there's no typing involved. You simply use your mouse to position sliders from "least important" to "most important" or click radio buttons selecting which features you want. By the end, you get as many as five recommendations for vehicles that fit within your desired price range. You can select two or more of the recommended vehicles and get a print out of the comparison that covers everything from pricing to rear legroom.

*The one notable absence was a lack of safety and crash rating information.



7/15/2006 2:42:53 PM
Sherice said:

I like that I can input what I want from my automobile, and it finds cars that meet my specifications, then lets me comparison shop based on my preferences. I am looking at car brands I may not have otherwise considered.

8/21/2006 1:54:22 PM
Charlie said:

Agreed, thanks for the help!

9/12/2006 7:01:15 PM
Useless said:

American only

2/6/2007 5:23:43 PM
arnott said:

im interested in budget 4x4

5/2/2007 6:24:37 PM
Al said:


6/17/2007 2:11:56 PM
EustaceQ said:

Agree w/ Sherice in that by asking what it is that is important to you the site often recommends very appropriate vehicles you wouldn't have thought of considering yourself (because you didn't know about them). Also when I used the site today it did have "crash-test rating" sliders (one to five stars - what's important to you?!)

7/20/2007 8:23:08 AM
TM said:

I love it!! I know where to focus my efferts now.

10/14/2007 5:32:41 PM
Wolf said:

Might be great if you are looking for a family sedan, but no good if you are looking for something specific. I put in that I strongly preferred 4WD, and very fast acceleration (I am looking to replace a Porsche 911 C4S). It recommended a Honda Civic and a Toyota Camry!

11/25/2008 9:12:23 PM
wonderful site! said:

I've used that site to compare vehicles for quite some time & have recommended it to others. Hard to find a link to them though. Thank you! Thought I'd lost the link.

4/27/2009 8:46:57 AM
MarkG said:

Another notable absence is the selection of amenities. Such as built in nav system, audio options (mp3 player inputs, steering wheel controls etc..), auto climate control, available sun/moon roof....


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