Trouble Signs to Watch Out For

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What trouble signs should I look out for when test driving a used car?

Trouble Signs to Watch Out For

When you visit your used car dealer (which may well be the local new car dealer as well), how do you know you're getting a truly reliable car? Aside from giving a car the obligatory kick in the tires, you should plan to take the car for a meaningful test drive under the same conditions you will most often be driving in. The following things are signs of trouble:

• Jiggling or rattling sounds

• Squealing brakes

• Warning lights lit on the instrument panel

• Pinging noises coming from the engine
• Clicking noises when making hard turns

Even if the car seems perfect, your best bet is to get a Carfax vehicle history report using the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) from You should also have your own mechanic check the car from bumper to bumper.



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