Researching New Car Prices

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Where can I find information on new car pricing?

Researching New Car Prices

New car pricing used to be a mystery only to be revealed in person by a car salesperson once he or she had your undivided attention face-to-face. Today, many new car dealers offer an unprecedented level of information on their Web sites (including pricing information).

Most new car dealers are savvy enough to know that the Internet has widened the consumer's reach and that easy access to information is a good way to encourage sales. Many new car dealers offer database searches of in-stock inventory where you can search by make, model, year, and price range. So-called cooperative Web sites that include listings for multiple dealers even let you search by proximity of the dealer's location to your residence.

*Some of these sites require you to create a login as a means of capturing your contact information so, be careful. However, there are plenty that don't, so don't give up if you'd rather search anonymously.



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