Certified Vehicles Still Call for a Car's History

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Do certified vehicles require a car history or background check?

Certified Vehicles Still Call for a Car's History

A car's history report along with a good warranty policy can serve as a means of preventing the purchase of a lemon. Not every car buyer can quantify the extra cost of a certified pre-owned (CPO) car. Various resource sites on the Internet will provide the history of a car and detail any recalls. Review the difference between a non-certified and versus a certified pre-owned (CPO) car:

Used non-certified cars are less expensive than CPOs – the cost of the certification process coupled with the warranty coverage makes CPO vehicles more expensive than non-certified used vehicles.

Certified pre-owned vehicles pass a series of safety inspections and come with warranty coverage for a specified period depending on the terms of the policy. Unfortunately, not all vehicle certifications are completely accurate and complete.

Regardless of the type of used automobile a consumer purchases, the car's history may identify any underlying problems or discrepancies in the dealers sell.



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