Nine Ways to Buy a New Car

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Are there any strategies to buying a new car?

Nine Ways to Buy a New Car

Sophisticated automobile shoppers will invest the time to shop around to buy a new car calculate a new car deal down to the dime. It can serve as negotiating leveraging power. Use these new car buying strategies to buy the new car you want for your dream price:

1. Be decisive. Buying a new car requires the tenacity to be decisive yet flexible enough for a little bending room. Narrow your list to two or three models that best suit your needs and income.

2. Do the research. Research the dealer invoice prices of the new car models you desire Remember to included the delivery charge in your price calculations.

3. Try to find new car deals with a manufacturer's rebate. Remember to include the deduction in your budget.

4. Obtain financing approval. Try to stay away from dealership financing because it may tack on excessive expenses.

5. Tests drive your favorite models and request a copy of the inspection or certified checklist.

6. Conduct your own background check on the car by asking for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and running it through,, or another online car checking site.

7. Once the vehicle checks out, begin the negotiations.

8. Avoid any extras. Car dealers have a way of adding unnecessary extras such as fabric protector, paint sealant, rust-proofing, or theft protection.

9. Do not sign-off on any sales agreement with out reviewing the fine print.



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