Add-on Pitfalls to Avoid on a New Car Deal

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Are there any superfluous charges that I can negotiate in the purchase of a new car deal?

Add-on Pitfalls to Avoid on a New Car Deal

Any new car sold in the United States is required to post vehicle information on a side window. The details are designed to disclose specific manufacturing and price data regarding the vehicle. The document is a window sticker referred to as a Monroney sticker. Although the law applies to automobiles, it is not applicable to light trucks, the vast majority of sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and passenger vans. However, here four add-on stickers generated by auto dealers to boost their sales commission:

- Additional Dealer Profit (ADP)

- Currency Valuation Fee

- Import Tariff

- Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

When negotiating a new car deal, be sure to base the negotiated price of a new car on the deducted cost of the ADP and MVA because they are superfluous charges. As for the Currency Valuation Fee and Import Tariff, these are dealer created charges that depict unsavory sales tactics.



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